We turn problems
into solutions.

We are attentive to technological advances and able to adapt in short time to new market needs.

We strongly believe in our technicians’ lifelong learning and in the application of new technologies as instruments to improve the processes we are directly involved in.

Our staff has many years of experience: the deep knowledge of every aspect of the life of an industrial plant - from design to operation and maintenance - results in remarkable added value on development, use and management of dedicated engineering software, with an approach aiming at getting a result capable of fully meeting the customer’s expectation.

Italteco is certified ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015


3D Laser Scanning, As-Built Designs and Visual Inspections


Pressure Systems Design


Smart 3D Modeling


Digital twin management of industrial plants


Electro-Instrumental Systems and Data Networks Installation and Maintenance


Maintenance Planning


Advanced Reporting